Suzhou, China

Quality Engineer

Job Description:

  1. Responsible for project quality control plan. Work with project team for APQP.
  2. Responsible for project process quality management. This includes, but is not limited to, SPC, MSA, inspection & test.
  3. Responsible for key fixture and outsourcing equipment quality management. This includes, but is not limited to, design review, process management and final acceptance.
  4. Responsible for quality risk evaluation and management.
  5. Responsible for following up quality issues with suppliers, continue improve quality and build up strategic partnership with the core suppliers.
  6. Responsible for project major issues analysis and tracking, and classification with implementation of corrective and preventive actions
  7. Responsible for customer audit and related tracking, the preparation of the necessary 8D report
  8. Complete other works assigned by superior.


  1. Above college degree, major in engineering and ability of understanding of 3 views drawing.
  2. Above three years of process quality management and suppliers management working experience of automation industry.
  3. Familiar with Seven Basic Tools of Quality, SPC, MSA etc., familiar with common test tool using and have related certificate of testing tools.
  4. Familiar with ISO9001/13485, internal auditor certificate is necessary.
  5. Knowledge of project experience.
  6. Basic knowledge of mechanical and electrical assembly.
  7. Good skills of English and computer.
  8. Good execution ability. Patient with rigorous work, good communication skills and cross-department cooperation.

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