German style apprenticeship program at BBS Chicago

As a new member of the German American Cham­bers of Commerce, BBS Automation Chicago, Inc. is participating in the U.S.-based ICATT initiative, a German-style apprenticeship program.

ICATT (Industry Consortium for Advanced Technical Training) is benchmarked on the German dual apprenticeship system. This educational model, developed in conjunction with technology leaders, combines practice, theory and work experience to train the workforce that industry needs.

This 2- to 3-year training program provides apprentices with an economically practical education — employers provide tuition reimbursement and school stipends. In addition, apprentices receive:

  • an associate’s degree,
  • an internationally recognized German DIHK certificate, and
  • guaranteed employment (with increasing hourly wages) for the duration of their training plus at least another two years.

Apprentices have no educational debt when they complete the program, and may also receive Dept of Labor certification and other U.S. accreditations.

Employers, directly involved in the training process, ensure that their own competency requirements are met. BBSC believes offering our customers unsurpassed excellence means we need excellent employees, and “growing our own” is the best way to ensure top-notch staff.

We are happy and proud to actively support this initiative.